• Understand how people are wired & influenced differently
  • Get people to like and trust you faster than ever before
  • Eliminate powerless language, know what to say instead
  • Dramatically improve thank you notes and birthday cards
  • Create an even larger vision for growing your client base
  • And much more!
12 Proven Ideas for Building Relationships and Escalating Your Income

Want to convert more prospects into clients? The keys are building trust, creating an emotional connection, and getting people to feel comfortable with you.

In this captivating, fast-paced session, Michael Jeffreys shows you how to focus on the major factors that create long-term clients and ongoing referrals. You’ll learn how to get on other people’s wavelengths, communicate more precisely, rethink your word choices, exceed client expectations, improve the way you follow up, and much more.

Specifically developed for seasoned representatives, these concepts and ideas are rarely discussed in typical sales training seminars.

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  • Understand and leverage the power of your mind
  • Develop more clarity and a larger vision for your life
  • Learn how to set goals so you’ll achieve them faster
  • Discover mind tools that will catapult you to success
  • Break through old habit patterns that hold you back
  • And much more!
5 Action Strategies for Taking Your Life to the Next Level

In this fast-paced, motivating, and thought provoking seminar for success, Michael Jeffreys shows you exactly what you need to do to break free from your comfort zone and skyrocket to your next level. This captivating program is loaded with unique stories, insights, original humor and practical ideas.

First, he builds a powerful case for tapping into the power of the mind, then he guides you through five specific action strategies that will help you create a larger vision for your life.

Whether you’re already super positive, or could use a little inspiring, this session will definitely change your life for the better.

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