Meet Michael Jeffreys…

Michael Jeffreys is one of America’s most engaging sales and motivational speakers.

Since 1988, he’s been delivering live sales training programs and motivational keynote speeches and has presented his seminars at more than 1200 organizations.

He is a high-content, entertaining presenter who knows how to captivate any audience in a matter of seconds through his original stories, humor, and a rapid-fire delivery style.

Michael Jeffreys’ specialty is opening and closing keynote speeches, client appreciation events, corporate sales training, and public seminars.

As a seasoned professional speaker who presents more than 150 programs each year, Michael will deliver a high-value session that would make any meeting planner proud.

Just look at what a Chase Bank representative recently wrote after seeing Michael Jeffreys speak:

“Your speech motivated me to a whole new level. This was a game changer. I have been envisioning my goals daily”

With more than 3000 hours of live speaking and training experience, Michael is the obvious choice if you are looking to inspire, motivate and keep your audience energized throughout.

It would be challenging to find another speaker in Michael’s fee category with as much energy, confidence, and content. He’s easily as good as many of the higher priced speakers, so book Michael Jeffreys now while he’s still affordable.

"180 people were on the edge of their chairs paying close attention - Not only is his enthusiasm contagious, he delivers valuable guidance"

Kathy Acre – Independent Recruiter

"He gives you the action steps to reach your goals and backs it up with stories from his own life experiences. Very effective and engaging speaker"

David Zoellner – JP Turner & Company

"Michael has an amazing gift to keep your attention through his fast-paced style and empowering motivational stories"

Patrick Plummer – Century 21

"He is an awesome speaker. Extreme high energy, informative and captivating. I put him up there with the best of the best!"

Mark Kodlowski – Chase Bank

"Michael's presentation was outstanding! He engaged the audience with personal stories, quick wit and his dynamic personality."

George Piliouras – George Piliouras & Associates

"I've seen him speak many times and Michael Jeffreys is consistently enthusiastic, sincere, articulate, and entertaining - truly awesome speaker!"

Lisa Lapides Sawicki – Independent Consultant

"Michael's presentation was given as though he was speaking to a fully packed stadium, yet made each of us feel as though he was speaking directly to us."

Bruce Krol – Prudential Realty

"Michael is an inspiring presenter who knows how to captivate any audience in a matter of seconds. When Michael speaks, people listen. And they laugh..."

Abhishek Singh – University of Michigan Student

"Michael is a high impact, dynamic and unforgettable motivational speaker. He talks really fast, which kept me listening intently."

Steven Releford – Prepaid Legal

"Michael tells engaging stories, and he talks fast (with permission from the audience), but it really works to hold your attention. I loved his talk!"

Asa Davis – Second Look Communications

"Yes, he is faster than a speeding bullet, but also able to leap tall improvements in a single meeting. He gave me specific ideas to take my career to the next level."

Said El Kadri – Trainer & Consultant

Michael Jeffreys has delivered presentations to over 1200 organizations including…

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